About Us

The Center for Support and Intervention addresses prevention and intervention for harm and violence on campus, and provides support to students experiencing or causing distress in the campus community.

Our Violence Prevention and Harm Reduction team promotes recovery, belonging, and student success through violence prevention & bystander intervention workshops and community-based recovery programming. Our Case Management team provides limited threat assessment, consultation, collaboration, and intervention with and for students, faculty, staff, and other campus and community colleagues in order to prevent students and the campus community from experiencing harm and violence.

Violence Prevention and Harm Reduction 

  • Provide training directly to students and staff on bystander intervention and recovery to create a supportive and thriving student community.
  • Develop and implement harm prevention strategies for the broader campus in collaboration with other campus units.
  • Foster an inclusive community for students struggling with alcohol and drug use regardless of financial, cultural, or social barriers.
  • Hold a safe space where students can create community, foster solidarity, and combat stigma attached to recovery.

Case Management

  • Assess and provide direct support to students experiencing or causing distress with the potential for harm or violence (either directed towards self or others).
  • Collaborate with campus colleagues regularly through the Students of Concern Committee, and as needed through our daily work on assessing potential harm and threat.
  • Craft intervention strategies to mitigate harmful behavior and ensure the safety of the campus community.


If you are interested in contacting someone from our office or scheduling a training, please Contact Us